Our Services

Preparation of feasibility studies for all engineering systems
Design, supervision, testing and commissioning of various engineering projects, including:

Mechanical, Air-conditioning, Telecommunication, Electrical, Industrial Piped Services and Lift Systems for various projects.
Plant and Installations, Valuation of Engineering plants and machinery in Industrial and Commercial Premises

Energy Auditing for Plant and Commercial Premises including design of Energy Management Systems.
Design of Facility Automated Systems.

Design of Plant Monitoring and Protection System for Industrial Commercial and Domestic Premises.
Management of Facilities for Industrial and Commercial Properties.

Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided Engineering and Data Processing.
Assessment of Engineering Infrastructural Facilities in Industrial and Commercial Properties.



Feedback Engineering Consultants specializes in conducting detailed Electrical and Mechanical tests on properties to unearth all hidden anomalies and advise on remedial measures.


Feedback Engineering Consultants have the capacity and expertise to carry out detailed computer-aided study of township power distribution, regional power distribution as well as national power distribution systems. The Scope of this study comprises the following:

  • Collection and Analysis of existing data in the preparation of load and energy forecast.
  • Investigation of line routes, substation sites and other factors that may influence selection and location of new substation sites and transmission line routes.
  • Selection of network voltages, conductor sizes and equipment ratings taking into consideration V.R.A. and E.C.G. standard transmission, sub-transmission, primary distribution and secondary distribution voltages as well as substation configurations.
  • Lengths of lines at various voltages required for the planned extension and the timing.
  • Computer simulation studies to determine voltage distribution patterns along key distribution feeder lines and methods of improvement by reactive compensation wherever necessary for enhanced efficiency.
  • Preliminary design, cost estimate, technical and economic comparison of alternative proposals.
  • Selection of final network configuration and preparation of single line diagrams to represent the new network configuration.


Feedback Engineering Consultants have the experience and technical expertise to carry out rural and urban electrification schemes as follows:

  • Conduction of local investigation and data collection of each township to be electrified.
  • Conduction of load survey of each township and a ten-year forecast of energy and power requirements.
  • Preparation of Township drawings showing roads, principal buildings and institutions.
  • Preparation of Township Distribution Network Drawings.
  • Determination of routes for inter-township overhead lines
  • Preparation of routes maps, Bill of Engineering measurement, cost estimates
  • Evaluation of Bids and preparation of Bid Reports.
  • Project Supervision and Management
  • Testing and Commissioning of completed installation works.


Feedback Engineering Consultants has the experience and expertise to carry out comprehensive energy audit in both industrial and commercial premises and device energy consumption patterns which would reduce total energy consumption, and hence cost, without adversely affecting total production levels in industrial premises or productivity levels in commercial premises.


Feedback Engineering Consultants provide preventive and planned maintenance schedules for every engineering plant or machinery. Feedback Engineering Consultants also provide periodic training programmes for in-house maintenance staff to update them with modern trends in plant and machinery maintenance as well as safety.